If you were born between 1950 & 1989

We, the individuals born between the years 1950 and 1989, are indeed a remarkable generation.

Our journey through life is a testament to a different era, one filled with distinct experiences and values.

As children, we rode our bicycles freely, without the worry of helmets and safety gear.

Our afternoons were spent outdoors, playing with friends until the sun began to set.

We did not retreat to our rooms to watch television; instead, we embraced the real world around us.

Our friendships were based on real, face-to-face interactions, not virtual connections on the internet.

When we were thirsty, tap water quenched our thirst, and sharing a single glass or juice box with friends never led to illness.

Our metabolisms seemed invincible; indulging in sweets and rice on a daily basis did not affect our waistlines.

Walking barefoot was second nature, and we didn’t rely on supplements for our health.

Creativity thrived within us, as we crafted our own toys and found joy in their simplicity.

Our parents, despite not being wealthy in material possessions, showered us with love and care, prioritizing our happiness above all else.

We communicated our emotions through genuine conversations, not through emojis on mobile phones.

In our time, cellphones, DVDs, PlayStations, X-Boxes, and the internet were non-existent, but our bonds with friends were strong.

Visiting a friend’s house was a spontaneous and delightful affair; we didn’t need to seek permission through phone calls or text messages.

The warmth of our close-knit communities made us feel secure, rendering insurance policies unnecessary.

Though our memories may be captured in black and white photographs, they are filled with vibrant stories and cherished moments.

In a unique twist, we represent both the last generation that wholeheartedly listened to our parents and the first generation that must listen to our children.

We are not special, but we are undoubtedly a LIMITED EDITION.

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